Connect with patients anytime, anywhere.

Modento is now part of the Dental Intelligence family. Together, we are a comprehensive solution for your practice to communicate, engage, and manage patients. We offer special pricing for current di. customers.

Questions? Call us at 855.776.2673 or visit our FAQ section.

Quick patient response

Easy to use

Less time on the phones


Touchess & Paperless

Personal Communication for your patients

Dental Intelligence & Modento create the ultimate software suite.

Stop juggling multiple software subscriptions. Our suite does the work of five different programs in one!


Get up and running in as little as ten days!

Consolidate Software Subscriptions

One software, one bill, every tool your office needs.

Excellent Ongoing Support

We are dedicated on offering you top-tier support from onboarding, implementation, and ongoing use.

Complete 2-Way Integration

We are completely compatible with Dentrix, OpenDental, and Eaglesoft.

Features to support the whole patient cycle.

2-Way Communication

Improve patient communication by sending communications via text, email, or the Modento app.

Your Modento inbox alerts you when a patient sends a message through any channel so you can respond quickly. 

"Modento makes my job easier. Our office runs efficiently by offering two-way text & enabling patients to communicate at any time of day with us."

Hilary Waldron - Office Manager

Mass Communications

Reach all of your patients at once across multiple delivery channels through email, text, or voicemail drop.

Use filters to reach the right people as well as placeholders like Patient Name, Provider, Visit Date, and more to tailor your message to your patients.

Reminders & Confirmations

Send appointment reminders via text or email to let your patients know that they have an upcoming appointment.

Patients can respond to the message to confirm, which will update their appointment status in your practice management software.

You can also remind them to fill out any outstanding forms prior to their visit.

"I have been blown away by the functionality of Modento! My team loves it too. We are getting a quicker response from our patients because they can quickly check their email or text and get right back to us. This platform has been a game changer for our office!"

Cyndi Blalock - DDS

Digital Forms

Customize parameters for Modento to detect which forms are needed and send them automatically. Easily track form requests and send reminders to patients who forget to complete them.

Patients can fill forms right from their device or an in-office kiosk.

Signed forms will automatically generate a PDF and save it to the patient’s chart in your practice management software. 

"Modento allows us to spend more time with patients and less time in office with paperwork. Hands down the best program out there!"

Hilary Waldron - Office Manager

Treatment Plans

Pull treatment plans directly from your practice management software to send via text or email. Patients can sign right from their device and save a copy for their records. 

Filter by stages, hide columns, and easily edit verbiage before sending. 

"You have so many options with treatment plans - itemize or not, different payment options, and send the signed treatment plan instantly to the patient's email. It has even helped increase treatment acceptance."

Liza Cook - Patient Coordinator

Voicemail Drops

Send pre-recorded messages directly to patients’ voicemail without ever dialing their number.

Eliminate hours on the phone while giving your patients personalized attention - letting them know they are being cared for.

"I haven't made a post op call or a welcome to the practice call in months, but patients still thank me for them."

Michelle Ballard - Office Manger

Virtual Check-In

Speed up your wait times with a virtual waiting room. Patients can use their phone or an in-office tablet to check in and complete any outstanding forms. 

As a patient checks in, office staff receive an arrival notification and the patient’s status is updates in your practice management system automatically. 

"We're a pediatric practice. With the patient's attention span and the parent having to keep track of their child while filling out paperwork, Modento has made the check-in process 100% easier for the parents!"

Lizzie - Practice Manager


Our consent templates allow you to quickly and easily send a fully personalized consent with procedure-specific information in seconds.

Pull up these consents on an in-office tablet or send them directly to the patient’s device to be reviewed and signed.

"Especially with the pandemic we are in. The less they touch the better. The fact they know what to expect for their next appointment is amazing! Having the Patients fill out their consents prior to their appointment helps us tremendously!"

Zoubi - Dental Assistant

Team Chat

Effortlessly stay in touch with your team throughout the day. Start individual conversations and receive notifications when a team member responds all within your Modento dashboard.

Fully equipped with GIFs and emojis to make interoffice communication more fun for everyone. 

Online Reviews

Collect more 5-star reviews with our requests that send automatically after each completed appointment. Boost your reputation and gain more new patient business by maximizing your online presence on popular review sites.

If a patient has a poor experience, our review requests can collect negative feedback straight into your Modento inbox, giving patients a direct line to address concerns. 

You can also easily opt patients out of receiving a review request during checkout. 

Patient Portal

Give your patients flexible, convenient access to update their forms as needed. All data is HIPAA-compliant and strictly protected with two-factor authentication.

Loyalty Program

Reward patients to show up on time, fill out their forms, refer friends and family, pay their balance quickly, and more.

Patients can earn points for actions that you designate and redeem those points for rewards like swag, electronic toothbrushes, gift cards, whitening service, etc. Send bonus points for special occasions like birthdays and milestones.

Patient Net

Modento automatically creates a patient profile for anyone who texts or requests an appointment whether they’re reaching out via text, phone, email, or a walk-in. This allows you to keep in touch and stay top-of-mind while keeping your practice management system clean and organized.


What practice management software does Modento work with?

We are completely compatible with the most used systems: Dentrix, OpenDental, and Eaglesoft.

Is the app compatible with all mobile operating systems?

We are completely compatible with Android and iOS phones. We currently do not support Windows Phone devices.

Is the app secure?

Absolutely. Our full platform, including the mobile apps for patients and staff, is completely HIPAA-compliant. The app itself requires a personalized sign in, so security is (literally) within the patient’s hands. Payments are secure, and the communication of patient information is encrypted and password protected.

How do the patients fill out the forms on the app?

Forms through the app are extremely fast and easy. They simply click through the questions with yes or no with an option to elaborate on answers if they choose. Once the questions are all answered, a PDF is created and automatically uploaded into the document center in the correct folders.

What options do existing customers have for support?

We pride ourselves in providing customer support that consistently goes above and beyond expectations. Our support team is one of our greatest assets and can be reached across multiple channels for your convenience. You can reach our support team via email at or phone at 855.945.1222

How long does it take to setup?

The Modento onboarding journey will take 5-7 business days and can begin as soon as today!
Our seamless installation process will be the first step to allow our cloud based software to begin synchronizing your patient data, which will allow our team to configure your practice dashboard